How long has it been since your racquet has been restrung?

You should have your racquet restrung at least once a year. We now offer a range of different strings for you to choose from. If you have any questions about strings, tensions or a general restringing question please let us know.


1) Should I have my racquet strung looser or tighter?

Answer: The tighter you string your racquet the more control but less power you will get. The looser the strings are the more power you will get but less control.

String Tension Power Control Durability Feel Comfort
softer more less more more more
tighter less more less less less

2) What is the difference between natural gut and synthetic strings such as polyester and multifilament strings?

Natural Gut
Their main features are superb elasticity, tension stability and “liveliness”. But they are very expensive and sensitive to weather, while one has to say that a lot of improvement has been made in this respect during the past few years. Still many of the pros play natural gut, but I don’t recommend natural gut for the normal club level player, since those players should use strings with better price/performance ratios.

Synthetic Strings
Synthetic strings are mostly high tech products which are constantly being improved to bring their playability into line with natural gut strings but keep the advantage of the synthetic materials’ higher durability. There’s a great diversity of different structures and materials.

Polyester Strings
Polyester strings are little elastic and feel quite stiff compared to nylon or multifilament strings, but on the other hand they provide significantly better durability, allowing for thinner gauges.

Multifilament Strings
To bring synthetic strings’ playability more into line with natural gut, many microfibers (which can be of many different materials) are twisted together to a string, which is wrapped with a resisant cover. Advantage: higher elasticity and better playability. Disadvantage: multifilament strings tend to break soon once the outer wrap is damaged (the strings “fray”).

3) What is a hybrid restring and why should I do it?

Answer: Hybrid strings are a combination of two different strings for mains and crosses. In a uniformly strung racquet it’s almost always a main string that breaks. This is because the main strings move a lot more than the cross strings so the cross strings “saw” into the main strings, causing notches and eventually breakage. That’s why in hybrid strings usually a durable string is used as the main string (e.g. polyester or aramid/kevlar/technora). As cross strings usually highly elastic synthetic strings or natural gut strings are used to provide comfort and feel. Hybrids provide good playing characteristics while a poly/multi hybrid often lasts longer than a pure poly or pure multifilament string job.

Price List:

Synthetic Strings
Solinco Heaven Strings Pro Stacked Synthetic Gut 17 – Restring $30
An enhanced high performance synthetic gut string offering unbeatable all around playability with added feel and durability. Features a newly developed central power core encapsulated by high performance responsive multifibres to offer a versatile combination of all court play.

Multifilament Strings
Spinfire Ignition 17 – Restring $35
Spinfire Ignition is a co-polyester monofilament string with a hexagonal profile which provides additional spin through “ball bite” and superb control. This ultra durable string offers power but most importantly provides a softer feel compared to most co-polyester strings. It comes in a strong white colour and has the additional benefit that it provides almost zero string movement during play and minimal tension loss over time. This string is suitable for aggressive players looking for durability with exceptional spin and control.

Polyester Strings
Solinco Heaven Strings Revolution 17 – Restring $35
A revolutionary, high performance and responsive polyester string designed to generate maximum power and unbeatable control. Innovative design and construction of the monofilament fibre allows for the ability to control and manipulate ball flight while generating exceptional power.

Solinco Heaven Strings Tour Bite 17 – Restring $38
A newly developed, high performance and versatile polyester string designed to generate extreme power and intense spin and bite. Utilises an innovative, high powered polyester monofilament fibre designed and shaped to generate maximum power while amplifying the spin and bite intensity of the ball.

Solinco Heaven Strings Barbed Wire 17 – Restring $38
A newly developed, ultra-performance co-polyester string designed and shaped to generate maximum spin and bite potential, while providing for superior all-around playability.

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