Junior Player Pathway

At Aspire Tennis we make sure that every child is progressing through a development pathway towards reaching their tennis potential. Each child learns with other students of a similar skill level to help each other improve at a quicker rate!

Player Development Pathway

Red 0 Lessons (Age 3-5 years) Entry Point
Red 1 +2 Lessons (Ages 5-6 years)
Red Pro (Ages 5 – 7 Years) (Invite Only)
Orange 1 & 2 Lessons (Ages 7-10 years) Entry Point
Orange Pro Lessons (Ages 7-10 years) (Invite Only)
Green 1 & 2 Lessons (Ages 9-13 years) Entry Point
Green Pro Lessons (Ages 9-13 years) (Invite Only)
Yellow 1 & 2 Lessons (Ages 12+ years) Entry Point
Development Squad (Ages 8-12 years) (Invite Only)
Yellow Performance Squad (Ages 10-16 years) (Invite Only)
Yellow High Performance Squad (Ages 12-18 years) (Invite Only)

Children of all ages can join in on lessons at anytime at each of the specified Entry Points. As player’s skill levels increase they will advance through the development pathway.

Private Lessons are also offered for all ages and all skill levels.
Private lessons are ideal for all players – beginners to elite. Technical corrections & enhancements, video analysis, high intensity drilling, working on specific shot sequences, or just getting back into tennis – we tailor each session to meet your specific needs.

Aspire  Director of Tennis: $85/ hour $50/45 min 

Aspire Tennis Head Coach: $60/hour, $50/45min, $40/30min 

Aspire Tennis Assistant Coach: $50/hour, $40/45min, $30/30min

Click on the ‘Locations/Timetables‘ listed on the right-hand side to see when the best lesson is available for you!

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